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Noisy Neighbours


There are new court resolutions that can entail criminal responsibility for people, who in the running of their business, cause noise that can disturb or affect the health of the neighbours ( Bars, Disco, etc).

In other less severe cases there are new court resolutions that, in the civil jurisdiction, protect the right of the owner to not be disturbed by the activity of neighbours. The following is a curious case. An owner started a holiday lettings business in his house beside the town’s church. The church had been there for centuries as had been the clock on the church tower. The bell of the clock chimed every hour on the hour, and then repeated chiming. That meant that at eleven o’clock at night, the bell chimed 22 times at eleven o’clock and then again at quarter past, half past and quarter to, before chiming again 24 times at midnight. This was much to the despair of the house’s guests so the owner claimed in court against the Catholic Church and won.

The same can be said of cattle barns, chimneys, cesspools, etc built without observing the regulation distances or built without the appropriate protective measures that must be observed.

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