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Shared Walls


It is deemed that a wall within a building, or between plots of land or a hedge is shared between neighbours.

It won’t be considered shared if the wall is constructed completely on the land of just one of the properties, or a supporting beam is entirely in one of the buildings and not the other, or the plot that is enclosed by a fence or a hedge is beside an open one.

Also, it is not shared if the wall is built straight on one side and on the other there is a buttress at the bottom or with a roof that overhangs the property on one side, or the wall has stones ( called pasaderas) that protrude from the wall on one side and not on the other.

Each of the owners of the shared wall can build onto the shared wall and place beams in their half of the wall. Either owner can also increase the height or width of the wall from his or her own side. The co-owner can acquire rights to use the extended wall paying a proportion of the costs of the refurbishment.

Take into account that the right is to increase the entire wall, so each of the owners must not increase only their own half, but the entire wall .

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